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Getting Ripped With the Best Workout Supplements

There are a lot of supplements out in the market today. And they all carry promises to help us achieve that body that we want. Some will assure us that we will get ripped in no time. While the others claim that they can help get rid of fat in a short period of time. These are all great but truth be told, not all of them are able to deliver on this. It is best to understand the basic needs and functions of these supplements so you know which one will best work for you.

On top of the list is protein powder. Protein is essential in building muscles as it helps fuel the muscles during exercise and build more muscles as you rest from your routine. It also brings benefits to your bone and skin. As too much of anything is a bad thing, overloading with protein can take a toll on your liver. If you take too much and not use it, your liver will have to filter out excess proteins and has to work double time. Now, working your muscles is great but not your liver.

To know the right amount of protein to take, you need to weigh yourself. The amount of protein intake is relative to your weight. One gram of protein to a pound of body weight. If you are just starting out and a bit on the heavy side to begin with, compute your weight on your ideal body weight. Most serious bodybuilders have been known to take more than the required amount. This is safe for them because they use it with the amount of exercise they commit to but this is not advisable if you are just starting to take protein powders. This goes well with juices or shake and can be consumed in intervals. You do not have to down your entire daily requirement in one sitting.

Amino acids are also important as they are basically the protein’s building blocks. They also help in repairing the muscles after you work them out during your exercise. Essential amino acids are those that can be found in food while non-essential acids are those that we produce in our body – both of which are important. Intake if amino acid is a case to case basis but on an average, taking in one and a half gram of amino acid powder three times a day is ideal. Just like protein, it is best to take them before or right after your exercise program to help repair the muscles.

Human growth hormones or HGH is another important supplement you should look into.Our body naturally produces HGH but overtime, production slows down. HGH is essential in giving our body energy. It also helps repair our muscles and is also a key factor in their development as well. HGH in our body goes down after we reach 30 and is on a steady decline after that. There are supplements out there in the market that helps us in this area like Sytropin. HGH are an essential piece of the program in making sure that we get the type of body that we want at any age.

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