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Diet to Get Ripped Muscles

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It is a conscious decision to commit to a program to take good care of your body. For some, the rewards are great – longer life, a more active body or boundless bursts of energy to spend with family and friends. For some, it is getting the physique that they want. Building muscles and getting ripped is also an objective most people reach for when they start living a healthy lifestyle.

Getting a great and ripped physique takes time and dedication. It is not an overnight transformation where waking up after an intense workout would instantly yield great results. And more than taking up a sport or hitting the gym, there are helpful food sources that could serve as your ally in attaining the body that you want. It is just a matter of knowing what nutrients you need and where you can get them.

On top of the list is protein. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you would need to have a lot of protein intake. Some people associate muscle with protein and the more you take in and exercise, the better your chances are of getting that rip body that you want. Protein can be found in different types of food but the most popular source is egg. Including egg in your daily diet increases your protein intake and taking in the yolk as well brings in vitamin B12. This is important as it contributes greatly to the breakdown of fat in the body. The less fat. the more muscle we can put in.

Including yogurt in the diet is more than just another protein source. It holds a specific type of fat called CLA that has been proven to reduce body fat. It also has carbohydrates that helps build muscle mass and supports the body recover from an intense workout. Improving from a workout is important and another food source that helps us out in this is salmon. Again, more than just protein content, it has fatty acids called omega 3. It minimizes the breakdown of protein after workout.

Protein breakdown defeats the purpose of lifting weights to have a rip body because you are destroying the very thing that you are building. Another food source that helps in preventing this are almonds. Apart from wonderfully lowering the risk of alzheimers, alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, when absorbed by the body through natural foods drastically lowers down damage from free-radicals. This protection from free-radicals allows our body to achieve bigger and faster muscle growth. Olive oil also has monosaturated fats that helps reduce muscle breakdown during and after intense workouts.

Steak is another source of protein with the addition of two nutrients that helps build muscle – iron and zinc. This combination also produces creatine which helps the body take in more resistance during workouts because of the energy it supplies throughout the body. Water is also crucial in building muscle mass. Protein build-up is more successful in well hydrates cells which leads to mass.

Another great addition to your diet is a supplement called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) like Sytropin. As we age, our body produces less of this hormone that we need in making sure that we get that naturally ripped body.

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